Phonics Provision

Phonics Screening Check


The phonics screening check is a statutory assessment for all children in Year 1. The check is designed to confirm whether individual children have learnt phonic decoding to an appropriate standard.

Children who do not achieve the appropriate standard will receive support from the school to ensure they can improve their phonic decoding skills. These children will then be expected to retake the phonics screening check the following year.

The phonics screening check comprises a list of 40 words that childre read one-to-one with a teacher. The list is a combination of both real and made up words. Using made up words allows this assessment to focus purely on decoding using phonics. As made up words are new to all children, they do not favour children with a good vocabulary knowledge or large visual memory of words. The made up words will be shown to children alongside pictures of imaginary creatures. This allows teachers to explain to children that the made up word is the name of a type of creature they haven't seen before. This helps children to understand they should not try to match the made up word to their vocabulary.

More information about the structure and content of the phonics screening check, including a sample of words similar to those that will be used in the phonics screening check, is available at