Governor Visit Reports

Our Local Governing Body has a delegated responsibility from Peninsula Learning Trust to evaluate the effectiveness of Fowey Primary School and its curriculum. Governors are also held to account for their own school’s performance.

OfSTED says: ‘If governors are to monitor and evaluate the school’s work they need to visit the school. When handled well these visits build trust and respect between staff and the governing body, and they allow governors to monitor the school’s work in a way that is far more supportive than if they just attend meetings. The visits to the school by governors work well when the focus of the visit is agreed in advance and understood by all involved.’


  1. To inform the Governing Body as to the working of the school
  2. To enable the Governing Body to fulfil their statutory responsibilities/requirements
  3. To foster a sense of partnership between all members of the school community.

At Fowey Primary School the Governing Body has linked individual governors to different roles as a way of monitoring against policies, School Development Plan (which is available on the school website in the About us section) and specific responsibilities, e.g. Safeguarding. This involves governors visiting the school and classrooms and taking the opportunity to discuss their different areas with the staff and children.

To give parents and the wider community a better insight into this role of governance, we have decided to make available on our website our Governor Visit Reports.