Equality Objectives and Information

Meeting our Responsibilities under the Public Sector Equality Duty

Our school takes it responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010 seriously and we have due regard for the protected characteristics across our school. Equality and Diversity concerns and actions are discussed at staff meetings and at LGB meetings, where relevant and as needed. Training for all staff is held at least every two years. Equality and Diversity training is included in our core induction offer for all new staff.


What does our school do the eliminate discrimination?

We have set a clear vision and values which expect all our staff, pupils and families to act in a non-discriminating manner and show respect to each other. Our core values are Collaboration, Aspiration, Respect and Empathy.

We have up-to-date and ratified policies which set out a clear message that discrimination is not tolerated: these policies are listed below.

We understand that it is unlawful to fail to make reasonable adjustments to overcome barriers to using services caused by disability. Individual children in our school have individual education plans, education health and care plans as well as personal behaviour plans which map how we will make these adjustments. A number of children also have personalised and individual planning which is a reasonable adjustment of their learning provision.

We set equality objectives every four years which are reviewed annually. An annual action plan is available to show the progress we are making towards these objectives.

School leaders and administrators involved in recruitment will avoid unlawful discrimination in all aspects of employment including recruitment, promotion, opportunities for training, pay and benefits, discipline and selection for redundancy.

We offer a structured PSHE curriculum, assemblies, workshops and visits all of which exemplifies the British Values and our school values. More details of how our curriculum specifically meets these requirements can be found below.