Foundation Subjects

We teach science, history, geography, art, DT and music through our project based curriculum. This curriculum was written by teachers at Fowey Primary school in 2019, just for us.
Every year it is revised and changes are made to reflect the world around us and priorities for our learning. 
Our curriculum reflects our Cornish heritage, with lots of opportunities to learn about industry in Cornwall, our local landscape and notable local people, with a real sense of 'looking further'. We want our children to leave Fowey Primary as enabled citizens with a good understanding of the world. We know that we live in an area which is not especially ethnically diverse so there are many opportunities for children to explore themes of difference, diversity and respect for others. 
It is a progressive model so we build on the learning which has come in previous years. Working with our partner class, we have a two yearly cycle which makes sure we have covered everything by the end of Year Six. 
A key finding of the review of our previous curriculum was that there just wasn't enough time to cover things properly so children were ending units of work without deep knowledge. This meant children quickly forgot what they had learned. To tackle this, our projects last for a whole term (12 weeks) and we now find children finish each project with a very deep understanding of that area, which they are able to retain for future learning. 
Each year we study three projects. In Autumn, we all study Science. Children in EYFS-Year 3 do one big science project while children in Y4-Y6 do two mini-projects. In Spring, we all study history and geography. In Summer we all study art, craft, design and music. 
On this page you will find an overview for each area, which shows you how our knowledge progresses over our years at Fowey. You can also find knowledge organisers for each area too- which break down the learning more. These are in the curriculum file under Knowledge Organisers.