Celebration Assembly 26th May 2017

26th May 2017
This week’s Workers of the Week are:
Lantic - Hugh, Rhys
Cannis - Billy, Evan
Gribben - Isabelle, Samson, Jago, Charlie
Coombe - Tristan, Finley
Polridmouth - Toby, Kerris, Elissa
Readymoney - Shay, William
Carne - Rory, Cruze, Kian, Lily, Kieran

This week’s Group of the Week for each class:

Lantic - Dancing Dragonflies
Cannis - Marvellous Mammals
Gribben - Rectangles
Coombe - Ultra Axes
Polridmouth - Terrific Tributaries
Readymoney - Jazzy Jungle
Carne - Brainy Buddies

Peer Mediator of the Week - Millie

Play Leader of the Week - Shay

Reading Raffle Winners - EYFS/KS1: Hugh and KS2: Fin, Evelyn

Cleanest Classroom Cup - Readymoney

Delightful Diners Award (Golden Plate) - Readymoney

Well done everyone!

Each week in assembly, a Thought of the Week is written and shared by children in Y5.

Last week’s thought of the week was about being a good friend.

To be a good friend you must be kin, helpful, caring and a good listener. You should always be there for each other in both good and bad times.

For example, at school if your friend is struggling with something you could offer to help them. Or if they're upset you could listen and try to cheer them up.

Let's all be good friends to each other.