Connecting Classrooms

23rd October 2014
News from Miss Dymond in Kenya

Yesterday evening we went to the cyber café to email. It was almost ready to send and there was a power cut so everything was lost, and we walked back in the dark. It shows me how reliant I am on the internet being instant.
I arrived safely on Tuesday and was met by Emilly and some governors from the school. Everybody has been very generous and welcoming and they are happy to have me here as a visitor.
Yesterday I spent some time in the nursery class who were learning their numbers to 30.
I also spent time with Year 1 and 2 who were learning about sources of light and sound in Science.
The children asked me to mark their work. No green or pink pens, but they all laughed when I drew a smiley face next to a tick!
After school we walked around the community and visited the homes of some of the children. Again everyone was welcoming and happy to see me. It certainly is a humbling experience and I am learning a lot about the culture and myself. I have spent this morning in class, and this afternoon I will visit a secondary school which has links with the school.

Miss Dymond