Celebration Assembly 9th September 2016

9th September 2016
This week’s Workers of the Week are:
Lantic -
Cannis - Freddy, Henry, Austin, Erin, Kian, Rory, Kerris, Brendan
Gribben - Amelia, Lottie, Ella-Louise
Coombe - Bou
Polridmouth - Lewis, Alfie, Hannah
Readymoney - William, Eryn
Carne - Fin, Ali, Lily, Robyn

This week’s Group of the Week for each class:

Lantic - Foxes
Cannis - The Joyful Jellyfish
Gribben - Mighty Mangoes
Coombe - Exciting Electric Eels
Polridmouth - Teethy Chompers
Readymoney - Marvellous Milky Way
Carne - Connecting Cogs and Springs

Peer Mediator of the Week - Starting next week

Play Leader of the Week - Starting next week

Reading Raffle Winners - Starting next week

Magnificent Manners and sitting at our 'Top Table' this Friday - Starting next week

Cleanest Classroom Cup - Readymoney

Delightful Diners Award (Golden Plate) - Starting next week

Well done everyone!

Each week in assembly, a Thought of the Week is written and shared by children in Y5.

This week’s thought of the week is about new beginnings.

Many of us are experiencing new beginnings at the moment. This includes starting school for the first time (like the Lantic children), starting a new class or even a new school.

These new experiences are often positive. For instance, you may make new friends, learn new things and undertake new challenges.

We should all remember to help those who have just started school and those that are finding these changes difficult. Please be as supportive to each other as you can.

By Reuben