Celebration Assembly 23rd January 2015

23rd January 2015
This week’s Workers of the Week are:


Lantic - Charlie

Cannis - Teigan and Layla

Gribben - Kerris, Nacey and Ewan

Coombe - Gabriel

Readymoney - Lily and Will

Carne - Harry

Polridmouth - Kiya, Skye, Bertie and Damon


This week’s Group of the Week for each class are:

Lantic - Dragons

Cannis - Polar Bears

Gribben - Cirrus

Coombe - Awesome Artists

Readymoney - Fire Breathing Dragons

Carne - Explorers

Polridmouth - Resilient Researchers


Reading Raffle Winners - Brynn, Nacey, Owen and Kiya

Peer Mediator of the Week - Ethan

Play Leader of the Week - Dan

Magnificent Manners and sitting at our 'Top Table' this Friday - Robyn

Cleanest Classroom Cup - Cannis

Delightful Diners Award (Golden Plate) - Readymoney

Well done everyone!