Celebration Assembly 10th March 2017

10th March 2017
This week’s Workers of the Week are:
Lantic - Lucie-May, Noah C
Cannis - Lennon, Kerris, Billy, Erin, Layla, Josh, Maisy
Gribben -
Coombe - Maban, Izaac
Polridmouth - Henry, Leo
Readymoney - Alfie
Carne - Will, Lucie, Aneura

This week’s Group of the Week for each class:

Lantic - Terrific Turtles
Cannis - Terrific Thailand
Gribben - Westminster Bridge
Coombe - Vigorous Volcanoes
Polridmouth - Predicting Police
Readymoney - Hawaiian Heroes
Carne - Lilliputian Legends

Peer Mediator of the Week -

Play Leader of the Week - Eryn

Reading Raffle Winners - EYFS/KS1: Isabelle, Evie and KS2: Kerra, Rubie

Magnificent Manners and sitting at our 'Top Table' this Friday - Bou

Cleanest Classroom Cup - Gribben

Delightful Diners Award (Golden Plate) - Lantic

Well done everyone!

Each week in assembly, a Thought of the Week is written and shared by children in Y5.

This week’s thought of the week is about kindness.

This week in assembly, we learnt about Gandhi and one of his great acts of kindness. He left behind his shoes on a train to enable a poor person to have a pair of shoes.

Let's all be kind to each other. Even by the smallest of gestures, such as sharing a smile, we can keep the school a caring and kind environment to be in.