Celebration Assembly 28th April 2017

28th April 2017
This week’s Workers of the Week are:
Lantic - Willow, Amelia
Cannis - Monty, Layla, Marci, Lily, Brendan
Gribben - Raphie, Jago
Coombe - Eliza, Oscar, Tayor
Polridmouth - Nacey
Readymoney - George, Michael
Carne - Kian W, Molly, Aneura

This week’s Group of the Week for each class:

Lantic - Super Squids
Cannis - Marvellous Mammals
Gribben - Octagons
Coombe - Cheating Chariots
Polridmouth - Rapid Rivers
Readymoney - Amazing Explorers
Carne - Brainy Buddies

Peer Mediator of the Week - Owain

Magnificent Manners (Sitting at Top Table this week) - Aneura

Reading Raffle Winners - KS2: Kerris

Cleanest Classroom Cup - Lantic

Delightful Diners Award (Golden Plate) - Gribben

Well done everyone!

Each week in assembly, a Thought of the Week is written and shared by children in Y5.

This week’s thought of the week is about making others happy.

It is important to always make others happy by being kind and cheering them up when sad. For example, by sharing a smile, helping others with their work and by playing games at break times you will help to make others happy. In return, you will be happy yourself.

Let's keep our school a very happy learning environment.